Directions to the pub

Beautiful autumn colours
Lovely colourful hens eggs
C’mon son, give it your best shot – you know I was conker champ at school……


6 adults

3 children

1 (borrowed) black labrador

6 hens eggs

a couple of jars of jam

a bowl of chips

some grade A conkers

lots of sunshine


Set off from Wootton Hatch pub car park and navigate to Leith Hill tower, taking in pretzel and jelly baby breaks, stick throwing exercises (dog and children), have a lovely cup of tea at the tower.

Wander back through autumnal tracks amongst the trees,

Share a bowl or two of chips at the Stephan Langton pub in Friday Street,

Pick up a box of hens eggs and a jar of bramble jelly at Pond Cottage,

Carry on walking through autumn leaves bathed in glorious sunshine,

Arrive back at Wootton Hatch car park after 6 or 7 miles of relaxing rambling through the Leith Hill woods.


Lots of smiles and tired children and dog


Repeat at regular intervals


6.30am start from SW18…… we were on the rocks by 10am and had such fun that we stayed on the rocks until nearly 9pm….. that’s a lot of climbing.

Julie, Chloe and Christine set off and headed for the sunshine in Dorset last Saturday. It’s been a while since we had a day out on Portland so we were looking forward to it and we weren’t disappointed. Not too busy and the other climbers there were a very friendly bunch so it was a nice relaxing day. We took enough food and water to keep us going for a week so we enjoyed our picnicking throughout the day. Being so close to the sea we had hungry seagulls for company, eager to snap up anything that was left unattended!

We ended up on the Fallen Slab area at Blacknor South for the last couple of hours and I think this has to be my favourite – climbing on the arete with the early evening sun shining on the rocks and the sea crashing around below – what a fantastic place.

The only downside? The delicious smell of someone else’s bbq sizzling away close by…….add that to our list of kit for the next visit.

No dates planned but we are keen to go again soon so will send out an email when we are going, would be great to have more club days out there again.

In the meantime if you’re looking for some activity next weekend Maggi has a walk planned on Saturday 16th July – to Lovelace. Contact Maggi for details.

I can’t go on that walk as I’m going camping in Norfolk for the weekend. No mountains but plenty of walking, running, swimming, lazing on the beach. Our campsite is near Blakeney (near Wells-next-the-Sea) on the north Norfolk coast and if anyone is interested in coming along just email / call me for more details.

Otherwise see you at the Aspire wall on Thursday evening.


Hi All,

This is  a great evening out at the Royal Geographical Society on Kensington Gore (next to the Royal Albert Hall) on Thursday 24 March 2011. Tickets are £10 and it’s best to buy in advance – last year it was sold out so don’t be disappointed.  www.worldexpeditions.co.uk for details.

There’s a great bar there too so see you there.


A friend of mine is managing some holiday studios on Kalymnos, at Masouri – the main rock climbing area on the island. She has lived on Kalymnos for a few years so is very familiar with the island.

Here’s the website www.koralli-studios.gr

You can either fly to Kos and 45 mins on ferry (charter flights or easy jet usually from about April to October) or fly to Athens and then internal flight to Kalymnos depending on timings (fare about 40 euros I think). Taxi is about 10 euros from ferry terminal to Masouri.

A few of us have already talked about going over for a long weekend, maybe April / May.


2008 – Shorts and sun cream

2009 – A patch or two of snow

2010 – Perfect snow and sunshine conditions

2011 – Wet Wet Wet

And then there were 12. Despite severe wet and windy weather warnings off we went to Snowdonia for yet another weekend of fun in the hills. Friday afternoon was a bracing walk in the Devil’s Kitchen for Cec, Maggi, Jane and Christine whilst some of us took the indoor option at the Plas y Brenin climbing wall.

Saturday morning – heavy rain and wind…… Brett, Michelle, Marc and Kim went off to the Devil’s Kitchen whilst the rest of us decided on a lower level walk to Beddgelert. The river crossing was interesting, fortunately no-one actually fell in (but it was close Maggi). Not sure if we could have got any wetter that day so our tea and toasted teacakes in Lyn’s cafe were very welcome, as was the beer in the pub (whilst we waited for the bus home to Pen y Pass).

Saturday evening’s entertainment was charades – well done Cec on your theatrical interpretation for the film “Inception”, followed by The Big Pub Quiz. We excelled ourselves with our knowledge of all sorts of trivia.

Sunday arrived and guess what – yes very wet and windy. There was the Betys-y-Coed river walk group and the ‘we must be mad but we’re going up Snowdon’ group…….15 minutes up the Pyg track and our waterproof gear was struggling but we continued onwards and upwards. Grabbing onto rocks to stop ourselves being blown over was ‘interesting’ and at the junction of the Pyg track and Miner’s track we made a sensible decision – to make our way down. We had an incident on the descent which, fortunately, wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Michelle, walking across a rock ‘bridge’ over a stream, was blown off into the torrential stream. Thankfully, she didn’t travel too far and we managed to get her out and ensure that she wasn’t hurt. Sure she has a few bruises by now but remember next time Michelle – more rocks in your rucksack!

Safely back down to the hostel and a quick change into dry clothes then we all met up at the Alpine cafe in Betys-y-Coed for delicious quiche, soup, tea etc before heading back home……

A great weekend

Wet Wet Wet

"Wise Men Say....."

Islands in the stream......

The conclusion of 2010 at the SMSC was celebrated in style at the Wimbledon Raquet club, who yet again did not disappoint!

 There was plenty of food, drink, party poppers (not poopers) and mini-vuvuzela’s  too.    

The tables teamed up for one of Cec’s infamous quiz’s’ testing our member’s mountaineering general knowledge.  The grand prize was “The Climbing Handbook”, which will be rather interesting trying to split it into 3!


2010’s photograph of the year was a nail biter with some fantastic pictures submitted from around the world.  The photo’s were adjudicated by a panel of 2 professional photographers and 4 amateurs so hat’s off to the winners!


First place:  Brett Wakeley with “Precious moments between two mountaineers.”


Second place:  Christine Schams with “Grand St Bernard – the famous pass road used in the film ‘The Italian Job’.”

Third place:  Julie Eyre with “Iceland July 2010”.

We are all looking forward to some exciting plans for the year ahead beginning with our Winter Skills weekend.  So a happy new year and happy new adventures to all for 2011!

Just a reminder that the ‘official’ winter skills weekend will take place in Snowdonia on the weekend of 4-6 February 2011. In the meantime you may wish to practice your winter skills in Southfields this weekend and let us have your photographs for publication on the blog.

If you are interested in coming along to Snowdonia please let Julie have your £20 deposit by Friday 10 December  to confirm your place.

See you at the Christmas dinner on Friday 10 December if not before.